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Master Jino Kang has dedicated his life to martial arts for over 40 years and is still “in-training” to continually improve the art of Hapkido. Master Kang believes in neverending improvement, and it shows when you walk into our school. Master Kang is still active and hands-on, working with students on the mat, which is rare in most martial arts schools.

Master Kang has produced over hundreds of black belts, some becoming instructors themselves. All of our Hapkido instructors are personally trained by Master Kang to ensure quality and safety at Hapkido USA.

There is no comparison to the level of expertise in our discipline regarding the instruction, dedication and commitment of our instructors at Hapkido USA.

Areas of Specialization: 

  • Hapkido
  • Jiu Jitsu
  • Muay Thai

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Clients Say

It feels amazing after just a few workouts to be a part of your wonderful team. I feel that I and the coach are a team, and together we work to improve body and mind, strengthen the spirit and motivate each other to work harder. They have high-quality equipment, spacious rooms, rest areas and everything you can think of.

Peter Lee

The gym’s great, yes. The coaches are awesome, keep you in check and push you to the limits which are great for me personally. However, the real thing comes with Rumble’s Boxing! This is the best stress release, workout, and motivation. There’s just something about boxing that makes you want to change your life completely, stay focused and fit. I recommend your boxing courses to everyone.

Tedd Baker

Being an experienced gym user, I have seen many different fitness centers, and have worked out in various conditions. But this gym is really something! It’s super clean, neat and modern. The trainers are always nice and are willing to help. Thank you for motivation to come to your gym every day where I stay fit and healthy!

Michael Scott

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